About Us PIO Card

PIO Scheme has been withdrawn since 09.01.2015 and all PIO cards issued till 09.01.2015 are deemed to be OCI cards. 

  Guidelines for applying OCI card in lieu of PIO card  
1. Erstwhile PIO cardholders are hereby informed that 30th June, 2017 is the last date for submission of the application for registration as OCI cardholder. 
2. OCI card is a smart card which will facilitate quicker immigration clearance at the ICPs and also for obtaining various Consular services from the Indian Missions. For those residing in India, it will facilitate in availing various services in India. 
3. The applicants may submit the applications for OCI card in lieu of PIO card to the Indian Mission/FRRO concerned within the jurisdiction of his/her place of residence.  
4. No fee will be charged for grant of OCI card in lieu of PIO card.