About Us Trade Fairs in India

A large number of Trade Fairs are organised in India. India Trade Promotion Organisation (ITPO 
http://www.indiatradefair.com/) is the nodal agency of the Government of India for promoting the country's external trade. ITPO, during its existence of nearly three decades, in the form of Trade Fair Authority of India and Trade Development Authority, has played a proactive role in catalyzing trade, investment and technology transfer processes. Its promotional tools include organizing of fairs and exhibitions in India and abroad, Buyer-Seller Meets, Contact Promotion Programmes, Product Promotion Programmes, Promotion through Overseas Department Stores, Market Surveys and Information Dissemination. The website of ITPO http://www.indiatradefair.com/  gives details of various types of trade fairs organized by ITPO as well as third parties.

Some of the Exhibitions in India