About Us Visas for Diplomatic/Official/Public Affairs Passport holders 外交/公务/公务普通护照持有人签证

Holders of Diplomatic, Official and Public Affairs passports are requested to file their applications directly with the Indian Consulate in Guangzhou. The procedure is as follows 外交、公务和公务普通护照持有者请直接向印度驻广州总领事馆递交申请。程序如下:

1. Please visit website https://indianvisaonline.gov.in/visa/. Click on “Online application link” tab on the Home page of the website and complete the online application form giving all the details required 请进入网站 https://indianvisaonline.gov.in/visa/。点击主页的“Online application link”一栏,详细填写所需信息,完成在线申请。

2. Please carefully note down the Temporary Application ID number (15 characters) consisting of numbers and alphabets, which will be displayed immediately on the Government of India Visa Online application form. This can be saved to retrieve your application and continue in case you wish to complete part of the application later 请仔细记下包含数字和字母的临时申请编号(15个字符)。该编号将即刻出现在印度政府签证在线申请表格里,可以保存。如果您希望稍后再完成申请,可用该编号恢复申请表格,继续填写。

3. Complete the application online. You will receive a Web Reference Confirmation Number. The completed Government of India Visa Application form will open up in PDF format at this stage. Save the form and print out the same for submission to the Indian Consulate, Guangzhou 在线完成申请。之后,您将收到一个网上参考确认号。印度政府签证申请表格完成后将以PDF形式打开。保存该表格并打印出来,以备递交印度驻广州总领事馆。

4. When filing the Online Form, please do ensure that all details entered are accurate. The option to edit text is not available once the form has been saved and printed. In such a case, a new form need to be filled again with all correct information entered 填写在线表格时,请确保所有录入的信息是准确的。表格一旦保存并打印,信息将无法编辑。这种情况下,需要再次填写新的表格,录入所有准确的信息。

5. You can use either an Ink-Jet or Laser printer to print the completed Visa Application Form once you have submitted online 网上提交签证申请表后,您可使用喷墨或激光印刷机打印。

6. This site is best viewed in Internet Explorer (Windows) version 8.0 and above 使用IE浏览器(Windows8.0或更高版本浏览本网站效果最佳。

7. You must also have Adobe Acrobat Reader version 7.0 or a higher version installed on your PC in order to download and print the completed application form 为了下载、打印填写完成的申请表格,必须在您的电脑上安装7.0或更高版本的PDF阅读器Adobe Acrobat Reader

8. Once you have completed your online application form, please save, print and sign and present it along with the supporting documents and passport to Indian Consulate in Guangzhou 完成在线申请表格后,请保存、打印并签名,与其他证明文件和您的护照一起递交至印度驻广州总领事馆。

9. Submission of all relevant documents mentioned in the checklist on the website is important for acceptance of the visa application at the the Indian Consulate in Guangzhou 请务必向印度驻广州总领事馆递交本网站清单里提及的所有相关文件。

10. It is a mandatory requirement to ensure that your photo is 2 inch x 2 inch (51mm x 51mm) in size with white background. Photos which do not meet this specification will not be accepted您的照片必须为白底,尺寸为2英寸×2英寸(51mm×51mm),这是强制要求。不符合要求的照片恕不接受。

11. In case of any difficulty in filling up of visa application forms, applicants may please call our visa helpline number 00-86-20-8550-1501 填写签证申请表格如遇困难,申请人可拨打我们的签证协助电话00-86-20-8550-1501

Visa submission timings 签证递交时间:

1600 hours - 1700 hours: Collection of passports (as per the date indicated in your receipt) 收集护照(根据您收据里注明的日期)0930 hours - 1200 hours: Submission of visa applications 递交签证申请

Note 请注意: Please note that the period of validity of visas granted by Indian Missions / Posts worldwide begins on the day the visa is issued and not from day the visa recipient enters India 由印度驻外使领馆签发的签证有效期始于签发当日,而非签证接收者进入印度当日