About Us Advisory for Indian Traders and Business Delegates Participating in Trade Fairs in China

Advisory for Indian Traders and Business Delegates Participating in Trade Fairs in China

1. A valid visa is required to enter and participate inthe trade fairs/ exhibition in China.

2. Passport is the generally accepted proof of identity in China. The delegates should carry along their Passport at all times during their stay in China.
3. In order to maximize the impact, Indian traders/ business delegates should participate in the trade fair/exhibitions in China under the umbrella of relevant Industrial Promotional Councils/ Chambers of Commerce in India. Also, the visit of the delegation should be planned at least 6-12 months in advance in order to book stalls at a suitable location of the venue at competitive rates.

4. Due process for custom clearance should be followed, through agencies recommended by the organizers, in order to ensure that the products/exhibits reach the venue well in time.

5. Design of the stalls plays an important role in attracting the local visitors. The services of authorized local agents should be utilized to design and set up the stalls well in advance. While displaying the products at the stalls, it should be kept in mind that only those products with better branding, better display and packaging would gain attention of the buyers.

6. Publicizing the products in Chinese language is important.  Publicity material on company profile and product portfolio in bilingual format (i.e. in English and Chinese languages) with complete contact details should be kept for distribution at the stalls. Local interpreters (speaking English and Chinese languages) should be hired to liaise with Chinese visitors to the stalls.

7. Efforts should be made to reach out to potential customers and business partners before and during the trade fair/ exhibitions through B2B/ B2C platforms. These could be coordinated through the organizers or the relevant Industry Association coordinating the Indian participation in the event.

8. Contract is an essential business tool as per Chinese local practices, especially before executing bulk orders. Visitors making bulk purchases/bulk orders at the exhibition stall should be advised to make advance payment preferably through a contract. 

9. Before entering a long-term contract/arrangement with local buyers/companies, it is advisable to have their credentials checked through the Embassy/Consulate General of India or through a local government agency.

10. The relevant Industrial Promotional Council/ Chamber of Commerce in India should share its feedback after completion of the exhibition/trade fair with the Department of Commerce as well as the Embassy/ Consulate General of India. This will provide necessary information on market trends and possible opportunities for collaboration and help understand the problems/challenges faced during the exhibition/trade fair.