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Commencement of Special Focus Week on International Year of Millets (15-21 February 2023) by CGI, Guangzhou:

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Commencement of Special Focus Week on International Year of Millets (15-21 February 2023) by CGI, Guangzhou:

Consulate General of India, Guangzhou kick-started the celebrations of special focus week on #InternationalYearofMillets by organising an exhibition-cum-presentation on Millets for Diplomatic Corps based in Guangzhou on 15 February 2023. The event was well attended by over 40 Consul Generals.

2. The samples of millets grown in India were displayed for exhibition along with their nutritional facts and health benefits. Following the exhibition, Consul General made a Presentation on International Year of Millets and explained the initiatives being taken by the Hon’ble Prime Minister of India to popularize millets.

3. During the event, Members of Diplomatic  Corps savoured Indian dishes made out of millets. The Indian millets were used for making the soups, Pearl Millets (bajra) were used for making the green salad, Sorghum (jowar) was used for making the rotis.

4. Dean of the Diplomatic Corps Mr. Ebolo Emmanuel, Consul General of Congo appreciated the efforts made by Consulate General of India, Guangzhou to promote Millets and mentioned that Millets are very important for Africa and offered his participation in any of the future programmes being organized by Consulate General of India, Guangzhou for popularization of millets.

5. Several Consul Generals also delivered special messages on this occasion. Some extracts are placed below:

Consul General of of USA: “...I was delighted today to learn so much about the benefits of millets. I think we could all increase the knowledge about this around the world as it clearly has lots of wonderful properties and it could doa great contribution to the environment and people’s nutrition.”

Consul General of of Tanzania: “..today Consul General of India presented something about millets which is very familiar and popular even in my country Tanzania. Most people in our villages are depending on millets to survive. As we celebrate the International Year of Millets this year, I would like to thank the Government of India for recognizing this kind food which is very popular and encourage other countries also to…...encourage their farmers to produce more millets for the benefit of people and the world. ”

Consul General of Indonesia: “..we don’t have millets in Indonesia but I know that it is very environment friendly and useful..”

Consul General of Greece: “I would like to congratulate CGI Guangzhou for organizing today’s event and for initiatives for raising awareness about importance of millets and its specific features and characteristics. Millets is something that is sustainable and really contribute to making our planet greener and at the same time feeding our population in a sustainable way.”

6. Consulate General of India, Guangzhou is also planning to organize several for the promotion of International Year of Millets such as a Special Exhibition on IYM 2023 at various Indian restaurants in Guangzhou; Talk by a well-known Dietician on the health benefits of millets; Cooking demonstration of dishes with Indian millets; Millets cooking Challenge among others in the coming days.