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Tender from BHEL for supply of aluminium XLPE

Posted on: August 14, 2019 | Back | Print

BHEL Electronics division, Bangalorehas requirement for supply of 1.1kV(AC) grade, 1CX400 sqmm aluminium XLPE, armoured LT power cable for GNFC 10 MW Charanka Project, Gujarat.

RFQ No.:TGPBOS0038 Tender Date : 13.08.2019

Due Date:26.08.2019 (13:00 hours)

The complete tender document (comprising of technical specification, forms to be filled up, terms / conditions, instructions for tender submission etc.) can be accessed in the following ways:

1.BHEL EPS website -https://bhel.abcprocure.com/, click on search, type the RFQ no. in keyword, click search, list will appear and click on the RFQ no. for tender details. Event ID is32914

2. http://www.bhel.com/tender/view_tender.php?tenderid=48192

3. In https://eprocure.gov.in/epublish/app the tender ID is2019_BHEL_ 466433_1

Please submit your offer on e-tender portal https://bhel.abcprocure.com/