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Invites Quotations For Production ofMake in India Publicity Material 

Tender No. MII/Publicity Material Tender/2017

Consulate General of India, Guangzhou 
1-4, 14/F, HNA Tower, 
No. 8 Lin He Zhong Road
Tianhe District, Guangzhou 510610, China

Invitation for Bids

Consulate General of India, Guangzhou invites bids/quotations from companies based in China with experience and background in production of customized promotional gift sets for the purpose of publicity use by companies, government agencies and organizations.

  • 1) Notice Inviting Tender: Sealed bids are hereby invited for hiring of company for production and designing of customized promotional gift sets.

  • 2) Eligibility criteria for bidders:
  • * The applicant should have valid registration under a competent local authority
  • * The company should be in operation for more than three years

  • 3) Scope of Work:

                               MII Gift set

  • * Quantity: 600 sets
  • * Package: Passport holder and luggage tag along with gift box
  • * Texture/Material of passport holder and luggage tag: Pure leather
  • S* ize:     Passport holder – Approximately 225*108mm

Luggage tag - Approximately 120*71mm

  • * Design, Print & Production:
  • * Design gift sets based on design elements provided by the Consulate
  • * Logo to be embossed/engraved  on the passport holder and luggage tag
  •  * Logo to be prominently displayed on the gift box
  • * Logo with detailed printing content will be provided by Consulate General of India, Guangzhou.

  • 4) Bid System: Single bid system as detailed below:

  • * The bidder shall submit offer in a single sealed envelope containing the technical specification of the goods procured along 
    with the cost of procurement. The sealed envelope should be 
    kept inside a large sealed envelope and subscripted as “Tender Quotation for production of Make in India Publicity Material”. It should be superscripted at the bottom left corner with Full name, Postal address, fax, email, telephone number of the bidder.
  • * The sealed quotation shall be submitted to the Consulate  General of India in Guangzhou, 1-4, 14/F, HNA Tower, No. 8 Lin He Zhong Road ,Tianhe District, Guangzhou 510610, China
  • * The bids may be submitted by hand in person or by courier. Tenders by “Fax/email” shall not be accepted.
  • * Tenders received after the closing date and time as prescribed in the tender notice shall NOT be accepted under any circumstances.
  • * The bid shall be opened on the date and time as given in the tender notice at the Consulate  General of India in Guangzhou, 1-4, 14/F, HNA Tower, No. 8 Lin He Zhong Road ,Tianhe District, * Guangzhou 510610, China in the presence of authorized representatives of the companies, who may wish to attend.

  • 5) Last date for Submission of bids17 November 2017 Upto 1700 hrs

Date of Opening Technical bids20 November 2017 at 1100 hrs

  • 6) Instruction for Bidders regarding submission of Technical Bid:

Bid has to be submitted as per the format specified at Annexue 1 and should also include the documents in support of eligibility criteria, profile and track-record of the Agency. All the documents should be self-attested with the seal of the bidders. Unsigned/overwritten quotations will not be considered and incomplete/conditional bids will be rejected.

  • 7) Validly of Bids: The bids shall be valid for a period of three months from the date of opening the bids. A bid for shorter period of validity shall be rejected.

  • 8) Payment: Payment against bill/invoice shall be released on receipt of the publicity material.

  • 9) Special Condition of Contract:

  • * Jurisdiction: The disputes, legal matters, court matters, if any shall be subject to jurisdiction as defined by Indian legal system only;
  • * Arbitration: All disputes of any kind arising out of service shall be referred by either party after issuance of 30 days of notice in writing to the other party clearly bringing out the nature of dispute to a single arbitrator acceptable to both parties;
  • * Force Majeure: Any shortfall in service or failure in fulfillment of obligations under contract due to force majeure like natural disasters of the nature of earthquake, floods, storm or man-made ones like war, civil strife shall be looked into in consideration of those extenuating circumstances by either side;
  •  Consulate General of India in Guangzhou reserves the right to reject or accept any or all of the bids without assigning any reasons.


Annexure- I 

Name of the Bidder Company  
Address of the Bidder Company  
Contact details of the Bidding Company  
Name of the Proprietor/Partners/Directors of the Company  
Company’s         bank      details-        name,      address       and 
Current Account number
Registration and incorporation particulars of the Agency/Company  
Period of Bid validity  
Any other information  

SN Item of work as per scope of work of Tender Notice Amount incl. VAT (RMB
2 Total=  


I hereby certify that the information furnished above is full and correct to the best of our knowledge. The self-attested copies of required documents as mentioned in para 6 of the Tender notice have been submitted. We understand that in case of non-submission of required documents, the bid shall stand rejected.

(Signature of the authorized signatory)
Name and address of the Agency/Company_______________________________ 
Seal of the firm