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Trade between India and the seven provinces under this Post’s jurisdiction amounted to USD 15.85 billion in 2013, which amounts to 24% of India’s bilateral trade with China. Indian exports to these provinces in 2013 reached US$ 4.05 billion, registering a growth of 18% over India’s exports to the 7 provinces in 2012. India’s imports from these provinces amounted to US$ 11.80 billion, registering a growth of 0.3% over 2012. Guangdong Province alone contributed US$ 10.07 billion to India’s trade with China, which was around 15% of India’s overall trade with China. The trade deficit between India and these seven provinces decreased from US$ 8.348 billion in 2012 to USD 7.75 billion in 2013, amounting to over 25% of India’s overall trade deficit with China in 2013. 

India’s trade with the 7 Chinese provinces (2013)

Guangdong-India : US$ 10.07 billion
Fujian-India : US$ 2.4 billion
Sichuan-India : US$ 1.8 billion
Yunnan-India : US$ 605 million
Hunan-India : US$ 550 million
Guangxi-India : US$ 283 million
Hainan-India : US$ 56 million