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Office Telephone No.


Email ID

Mr. Y.K. Sailas Thangal
Consul General


Mr. Yashas R
Consul (Pol. & Com.)


Mr. Tarun Kumar
Consul (PPS, Visa & Tourism) & HOC


Mr. P.V. Manoj
Consul (Press, Information Culture & Consular-1)


Mr. D.S.Bist
(Admn & Consular-3)


Ms. Arti Vasdev
Vice-Consul (PS) to Consul General


Mr. S.K. Nayak
Vice-Consul (Accounts)

85501501 to 5

Mr. Hukum Singh

Assistant Vice Consul (Admn.)

85501501 to 5

Mr. Vikas Mahajan
Assistant Vice Consul (Consular)

85501501 to 5

Ms. Babita Tyagi
PA to Consul (Press, Information & Culture)

85501501 to 5

Shri Mahender Singh
Security Assistant

85501501 to 5


Shri Sunil Kumar
Security Assistant

85501501 to 5


Local Staff

Name Designation Telephone E-mail
Mr. Huang Bing (Daniel)   Social Secretary to CG 8550-1501
Ms. Lao Huihua (Kelly) Consular Assistant 8550-1501 -
Mr. Chen Zhouolei (Patrick) Marketing Assistant 8550-1501 -
Ms. Dai Min Commercial Assistant 8550-1501
Mr. Zonghen Zou (John) Consular Clerk 8550-1501 -
Mr. Lu Jianzhong (Loyal) Clerk cum Receptionist 8550-1501 -
Ms. Chen Pingping (Cheryl) Consular Clerk 8550-1501 -
Mr. Su Sui Sheng Chauffeur 8550-1501 -
Mr. Li Daozong (Jimmy) Chauffeur 8550-1501 -
Ms. Yang Liyan (Anne) Messenger 8550-1501 -

If you are dialling the Consulate from abroad, please prefix: 0086-20 (China + Guangzhou Code)

In case of urgent consular assistance required by Indian nationals after office hours or on holidays, pls contact Mr. P. V. Manoj, Consul at mobile number : 185-8888-5692